About Us

TouchUpPaint.com has launched its new DIY touch up paint how-to website.  Initially focused on how to choose a touch up paint kit, and how to use it to get great results, the site will expand into broader automotive refinish topics including scratch removal (without paint), protective coatings (new ceramic-based products) and related DIY techniques and products.

Touchuppaint.com enters the market with a “quality over quantity” approach to website content. Using practical repair experiments on real body panel scratches and chips, input from industry veterans, interviews with paint manufacturers and engineers, our experienced technical writers go into the science and practice of automotive paint refinish, restore and protection.

The touch up paint kit review analyzes and compares six touch up paint kits from established companies.

As car lovers ourselves, we found hard-to-follow instructions, hard to compare products, and no clear source to explain things like:

  • Solventborne vs. waterborne, and why does it matter?
  • Application techniques
  • Primer tinting and does it matter?
  • Leveling the clear coat
  • Do I sand first?
  • How do all these kits compare on features and price?

We aim to answer these questions and more. We hope you find the content helpful as you navigate the world of aftermarket automotive refinish and restoration.

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