Lead Paint Banned in US

Use of lead in consumer paint is banned by Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Air Pollution Act in US

Air Pollution Control Act enacted in US. First federal legislation about air pollution. Funded research about sources and scope of problem.

Banning Lead Paint

The League of Nations started to ban lead paint.

Nitrocellose Lacquer by DuPont

Nitrocellose lacquer created by DuPont.

Model T Ford Paintwork

The Model T Ford was painted by hand with an oil-based resin used to bind the pigment. It took a week for the paint job.

Paint Manufacturers Established Across US

Mechanization and manufacturing became more widespread. Paint was too heavy for long transport so small factories sprang up in smaller markets around the country.

First Paint Mill

Thomas Child establishes the first known paint mill in Boston in 1700.